Prabal Gurung–who knew?

Okay, well when I first saw the name ‘Prabal Gurung’ it conjured images of either a bad tour destination perhaps booked online via a now closed bucket shop or a noodle dish along the lines of Nasi Goreng (aka ‘fried rice’ in Indonesia).

I (and Target) are happy to announce that it is neither.

Prabal Gurung is a designer from Nepal (YES, Nepal)…quite possibly their only designer. I know, that’s racist. But one doesn’t see that many fashion exports on the NY scene that can claim Kathmandu.

Gurung launched his career in 2009 during the city’s Fashion Week.
Rather than regurgitating it for you (it’s really not interesting enough) You can read it yourself online.

According to the PR, Prabal Gurung is synonymous with luxury, glamour and style.
But, what about goats?

Also, Apparently, Mrs. Obama has tapped him as one of her favorite designers (when she can be torn away from J.Crew and Jason Wu –God knows someone in D.C. needs to buy WU before Neiman Marcus Mazza has to dump it ALL on clearance).

In any event–Target is offering a capsule (I hope it’s laced with cyanide) collection which launched earlier this month. It samples Gurung’s jewelry, clothing, bags and shoes for the masses (still No Goats)….sigh.

Prabal Gurung red shoes for Target

For my bet–the shoe collection offered the most promise–but, frankly it’s not solid enough to be “collectible” in that ‘Missoni’ kind of way…
Your best bet is probably to wait (like all you Wu-woo-ers) until it hits clearance.

It will.
Most of it.
……..and, of course, there is always eBay.

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