Prada Lip Gloss

Individually wrapped Prada lipgloss

First of all, for the Japanese market (and yes, Motoko, this means you) it’s the perfect solution. Individually wrapped, no cooties there…..however, in all the five-seven years that YYC has been making our every 10 weeks pilgrimages to Tokyo, WE’VE NEVER SEEN THESE IN STORE?

Back of the Prada Lip Tint color 2 package

Now, we have purchased some ourselves to distribute like party favours….but who made the brilliant corporate decision to market these in Mexico and Greece, but blow off Japan?

Someone is missing the point.

These little tubes of gloss are impractical for the most part–the expense makes them questionable. The two key sales features are: novelty and cleanliness.

Oh well.

They also do individualized skin treatments and foundations—same concept. Same lack of shipment to Tokyo.


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