Refined Design

Barneys New York.

Mark Davis earringsPhoto: Barneys NY

Okay, one can extrapolate an idea. Sort of along the lines of George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord / He’s So Fine’…….but I did wonder as I spied Mark Davis’ new ‘square’ earrings if he wasn’t a bit “inspired” by Sharon Khazzam’s $5640 creation as he mulled through the jewelry concession dropping off his consigned wares to vend. Granted, Mark has put a rougher spin on Sharon’s finely crafted creations but it is a tad coincidental to anyone who shops Barneys (or their website online…for….well……jewelry).

Sharon Khazzam bee earringsPhoto: Barney’s NY

Just a thought. Of course, it is a decent living and not all of what he does as an Artist. There is a world of inspiration awaiting you Mark–ride down to Canal Street.

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