Shiny black leather and the Return of the Mini

After a rather Elaborated hiatus that was not originally intended to lapse for a year, Yumyumcherry is back in the saddle and will (hopefully, as you read this) have auctions to coincide with the site that we are attempting to resurrect. Think of Madonna crucifying herself ”YET AGAIN”on stage (can’t you just see the relief spread unvolitionally across Sean Penn’s brow)….

Shiny black patent Chanel tote

In Store: Fashion, Passion and all that good stuff—We’re seeing tons of
Patent (NOT PATTON, please unless you’re referring to the General, and Why?) Leather and Vinyl. Chanel’s Canabas bag has had wild success. It’s still Vinyl though, gang, and still totes in at $965 IF you can find one.

Bags are bigger and less structured (but, don’t throw out your Kelly yet — send it to Us! No, actually, just like the mini was OUT and Now it’s IN, the couture pendulum swings. And so does Yumyum.

Okay gang, so we’re seeing shiny black leather, matching shoes with platforms and a return of the Mini. Hey, maybe we’ve all just been cast for the Broadway version of “That Seventies™ And God (and Demi) knows that Ashton can use all the help he can get since the release of ˜The Guardian” No Happy Endings There (and didn’t Kev have a lovely purported honeymoon…

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