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Smart Art

OAKWOOD PREMIER TOKYO MIDTOWN makes their contribution to the relief effort for Japan–Six pictures from the collection of photographer David Stetson.

These prints were featured as part of his ‘Textile Collection’ displayed at Oakwood from Jan 8 2010-Feb 15, 2010.

Mr. Stetson (Born in London, 1953) studied at Hornsey New York University Film school. He has worked for leading luxe brands and shot for publications world-wide. He has worked as a director/cameraman on rock videos and TV ads. Stetson is a consultant creative director for advertising agencies and he has exhibited his photography in major galleries in NY, London, Tokyo, Cologne, and Singapore.

The silent auction for the individual signed works will be held through June 2011 with an opening bid of 30,000 yen (aka 360USD).

Amy infront of David Stetson silent auction Oakwood

The pictures are entitled: Yellow’,’ ‘Pink’, ‘Green’, ‘Orange’, ‘Lily’, and ‘Building.’

YYC was fortunate to have access to a viewing of these eclectic photographs–four featuring a cityscape. OUR FAVE: Pink(u).

With Amy infront of David Stetson silent auction

Our YYC Kudos to Ms. Amy Hanashiro and Mr. Martin Fluck, GM, for access to an advance viewing of this Gallery!

Details for bidding/purchase are available at the Front Desk: 81.030.5412 3131.

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8 Responses to “Smart Art”

  1. Svenghy Says:

    I thought I saw you at F-bar-Tokyo Friday Night?

  2. Sophia Says:

    I love your scarf. You look great. Met you at the TAC thing for volunteers.

  3. Michael Says:

    I met you at F-Bar Azabu Juban…will you marry me? PLEASE RETURN MY CALLS. Michael

  4. HitsuneYoshi Says:

    How do I buy this picture?

  5. HitsuneYoshi Says:

    In Yen?

  6. HaromiYamata Says:

    Two are sold of paintings. I see already.

  7. Ivanka Says:

    We met with you and your boyfriend at the Monaco Fundraiser last night-you are a beautiful couple. I hope we will see you soon. I will look for the designer who created your dress. Ivanka

  8. Yohko Says:

    Norma-san-Together you and boyfriend at F-Bar dancing-so cute. So we are in F-Bar VIP seating too. Maybe we go next weekend. Hi to Kyosuke-san too.

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