Space NK to open on Greene St, NYC

My first thought is WHY? I mean the basis for me of Space NK are primarily Aussie or US products that are more difficult to procure in London. Sounds trite, but there aren’t 4,000 Sephoras around every bend. If you’ve really been into a SpaceNK (or the branch situated first floor at Harvey Nichols-or ground floor for the Brits) it is a mainstay of Nars, Becca, Model Co., Bumble & Bumble, and a handful of other lines that you can pick up at Nordstroms without much trying. I’m all for Market Share, but a store based on Acqua di Parma (you can fetch it by the boatload at BDG), Agent Provocateur–and I’m assuming we’re simply talking fragrances here so we’re kind of taking the teeth out of it, and Diptyque (call Blue Mercury and save yourself a ride) I don’t get it. Maybe they need a foreign tax write off.

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