Splendour in the Grass

AS IF—-Well, ‘the times they are a changin’ (Bob Dylan, Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty aside….)

NOW for your consideration, we offer: Edible “Grass” for Easter Baskets.
(Because you just can’t have enough sugar crammed in for your Easter Parade)

Edible Easter Grass

Apparently, this confection is a spun sugar version of what was once paper.
Not that we all don’t enjoy attempting an insulin-related coma.

Okay, I’m eating some of this in the interest of public awareness as I type. A 28 gram (one glorious ounce) package claims to tote approximately 100 of the least satisfying calories I’ve consumed in a long time……

Personally, I think that the basket should be consumable too—-why waste a potential calorie?

Hippity Hop Hop (emphasis on Hip, but thigh, flanks and buttocks are in there for good ‘Measure’).
I’m stopping after one strand. I think I might prefer Styrofoam packing noodles as my next between article snack.

Just don’t mix your order or little Suzy may eat the cellophane variety (and you know—that just might taste better) ugh.

Happy Easter from a very queasy yumyumcherry

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