Stella McCartney Lingerie Collection to debut 2008

Hard to imagine a woman whose signature style which features non existent bustlines crafting bras…but, people have franchised their names for less.

Stella Mac–known for her status cult client base almost as much as for revamping the Chloe label–propelling it to a marketable venture–has decided to branch into a new direction of design.

Bendon, a company that produces Elle MacPherson’s lingerie line, will introduce Stella’s intimates to the global market. Available at upscale boutiques and at Stella’s free standing shops worldwide beginining in January.

The line will feature sexy confident silhouettes for modern women (hopefully WITH breasts—for a change) in silk, organic cotton, and silk chiffon. I’m assuming a plethora of colours ranging from dusty pink to dusty mauve. Just the thing to make me look seasick.

Time for some kind of resolution. Maybe even one for New Years’.

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