Suction and Sew

an analgesic Cherry style!

I spent the better portion of Last Week recovering from extensive maxilo-facial surgery that I had in D.C. I guess I’m really not supposed to be talking about it (If I could talk without blowing a seam, that is), but in the spirit of female bonding, I’ve decided to do so, anyway. The doctor was recommended by several very lovely women who had benefited from his skill as a surgeon. I think you have to really get to the point where you objectively look at your pictures and think, “EEEEK”……well, maybe more-“I’m not liking what I see” (or, “Who is that Man in my clothing?”) Seriously, I was comparing photos of myself that my sister took in Tokyo with those from a trip about two years ago and I was noticing that my upper lip was looking like the White Cliffs of Dover (Fine on Southern England, but not on ME) I was torn with a fear that I’d wind up looking like Cesar Romero (aka, “The Joker”) on Batman. I decided to take my chances. Still not completely sure, but I can make out my cheekbones again– and, that’s a start. The overall experience was fine (as only something with narcotic anaesthesia can really be….). I holed up at the St. Regis, which is not a bad way to “hole up”. I think I may be the definitive DC critic of scrambled eggs and oatmeal, just waiting for ZAGAT to call. Made a few fashion raids on the city, which IF you’ve ever shopped DC. you’ll note is not the easiest accomplishment.

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