Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野内 豊

Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野内 豊 by Kei OgataPhoto: Kei Ogata

Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野内 豊 is my choice for the YYC Valentine Heartthrob of ’08 (sort of like ‘People’ magazine’s Most Handsome Man issue, but this won’t help his box office receipts).

Times like this I just wish there weren’t laws against kidnapping.

For MORE Takenouchi-san (and I personally would like a LOT MORE), this is a sponsored site for English-speaking fans (thank you, Laura). Darn, she got there first.

You can tune in to see a preview of Yutaka’s television documetary, “Mother Planet”
TBS March 17th at 9PM (Be there, aloha.)

As well as the trailer for ‘Ano Sora Wo Oboeteru’ (Remember That Sky).

Documentary? Movies? Personally, I’d rather watch him sleep beside me under a down comforter.

Until then, there is this Lotte Sasha Chocolate commerical.

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