Thavasa to open in NYC Spring 2006

Thavasa is fun!  This is what we've got going.

This brand has made some interesting inroads. There is a worthwhile article on the company here. Following are a few quotes:

In the past five years, Samantha Thavasa Japan Ltd. has seen its sales quadruple to ¥11.2 billion (about $933 million). The company now has about 100 stores in Japan, and in the spring of 2006 it plans to set up its first overseas outlet in New York.

Another successful strategy employed by Samantha Thavasa is the recruitment of foreign celebrities as promotional models and bag designers. The brand’s star-studded roster includes the Hilton sisters, Beyonce Knowles, Victoria Beckham, and tennis idol Maria Sharapova. This fall and winter, actress Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica Cruz joined the list. College girls and working women in their twenties are among Samantha Thavasa’s most loyal customers. The trademark bright colors (mainly pink and white), rhinestone embellishments, and heart and ribbon motifs give the bags an unmistakable presence. The distinctive brand logo and curved wooden handles make it easy to spot a Samantha Thavasa bag at a glance.

Thavasa is Carefree and fun! Which one appeals to you?? Contact me if you’re interested.

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