Sung to: The Crying Game:

I know all there is to know about the Walmart Game….(bad sax solo)
OMG Is THAT ‘Boy George’ from his ‘Desperately Seeking Susan (read that Zsander)’ Days…..
well, it could be (I just hope you don’t do a round of ‘Where’s Waldo’ on this site and find me).

SIGH (I’m probably there, I’m just too busy in aisle 16 comparing cans of Vienna Sausage to really scroll through the mug shots properly).

They actually don’t have Walmart in Japan (Ruso ja nai)
….and if this link is propagated here, I doubt there ever will be one.

America at its finest.

Now all we need is another screening of South Park and: Chinpokomon.
Domo Arigato Matt and Trey.

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