Tiffany Signature Jewelry Roll

Better than a Sushi Roll, it’s the Tiffany Signature Jewelry Roll.

the Tiffany jewelry roll makes a nice present

Love that Tiffany Blue leather–it makes an elegant gift that’s not too personal, but better than Soap-on-a-Rope (Do they still make that?) or a gift card to the Olive Garden. It has a a deep inner zipped compartment to make sure Mummy’s diamond doesn’t roll down the drain, a ring roll, and all snaps together in a jiffy.

the inside of the Tiffany jewelry roll is lined in suede

I think it’s the mystique of the blue box with white ribbon, but in truth, it’s a lovely way to stow pieces for a weekend getaway. If you travel with your own porter and hard case Louis Vuitton Luggage (and are used to the subsequent body cavity seaches that now coincide at International airports with use of same) then this is not for you.

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