Tokyo American Club Takanawa

Bastion of all things foreign (though not necessarily American) in Tokyo has now moved to new digs. The pre-fabricated building houses three floors of activities and restaurants that shore up the crowds until the ribbon is cut on the new TAC (complete with lodging, thank you very much—or arigato as the case may be).

In the Garden Cafe overlooking the pool at the Tokyo American Club

The family style cafe on level one is best reserved for those actually with children (not to mention the ‘Patience of Job’.) While the menu is limited, if you’ve had at least a week of Ramen and Sea Urchin, that cheeseburger will indeed look like Paradise.

The Vineyards Lounge on the third floor is still awaiting its package license so unlike the old Vineyards at the established location it is strictly ‘drink on premises…’

Past Officers of the Tokyo American Club

The Mixed Grill (also third floor) features a more sophisticated menu (note to self: same salad bar as first floor cafeteria) and a quieter ambiance. The Japanese spouses, guests, significant others seem to appreciate it all far more than the members, but that’s what it’s all about.

With Keiju-san in the lobby of the Tokyo American Club Takanawa

Let’s do the Hokey Pokey.

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