Tom Ford for Men Ad

Okay, even I wouldn’t pose for that ad.

It’s kinda obnoxious. Who’s his sponsor? Larry Flynt?

Granted…’artistes’ are given some creative license–in this case, I think his should be revoked. It falls short of witty and that’s the most obscene part about it.

I presume Tom does have some rather expensive executives on Madison Avenue (or in this case perhaps Bleeker Street) twirling concepts right and left (and pretty darn left in this specific ad) for his Nod.

Sigh….but, censorship be damned. I am not the Holy Roman Catholic Church at the Inquisitions.

That said, I actually wonder how inspired Mr. Ford was with this ad selection.

After all, I imagine that that bottle is closer to a woman’s nether regions than HE would personally EVER want to be.

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