Trials and Errors…..

Paging Perry Mason.

Dr. Michelle Cooper (emergency room physician who attended to Michael Jackson and pronounced him Dead) and the joys of Propofol (25 mg). (Michael Jackson might have been able to combat his insomnia had he been able to put this trial on as white noise.)

To sum it up: Conrad Murray/three girlfriends and a lot of erroneous phone calls.

The defense attorney (whose name I can not Fortunately remember) seems to be heavily attempting to force admissions from the doctor on the stand. I’m sure he’d like to find someone to fob the blame on other than his client.

Frankly, I OBJECT to the entire trial.

Jackson died on June 25th in Los Angeles. It’s Hard to imagine paying a doctor $150,000.00 a month—I mean, did he have a golden stethoscope? (maybe he does now).

Whether he is judged guilty or not, it would be hard to forgive yourself for allowing this type of tragedy under your watch. I wonder if “Doctor” Murray now needs propofol? I’m sure there are more than a few people in the queue who would love to provide it for him free of charge. Sleep with a light on Dr. M.


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