Use your Noodle

Or Chili Beef Ramen.

The Wagamama Cookbook

I’ve lived at Wagamama’s for years. Okay, not literally (but my 19 year old son would do if they’d let him—he’d work there, for meals, but he has no body piercing….a problem at this place).

Edible fare at the close of a day ‘o’ Power Shopping at Harvey Nick’s, London. Not bad in Sydney either (although since my four year old climbed atop the communal table throwing chopsticks at the wait staff–and yes, short of a tranquilizer, we couldn’t restrain him…..we have not attempted the encore performance)…..Wagamama’s now comes to you.

Signature Wagamama Ramen recipe from the Wagamam Cookbook

Had to buy this cookbook off—not that I’ve actually tried any of the recipes….I just salivate and look at the pix.

The secret world of Noodles revealed. Mail me some.

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