Valerie Beverly Hills

Assorted Valerie including Eye Magic in Audacious Apricot

I originally stumbled upon this line at Bendel’s New York. Back in the good old days when Bendel’s had a reputation of luring some of the lesser known artistic brands (whether cosmetic or other) on to their sales floor. Scarlett, Ramy, Valerie, even Stephane Marais’ signature line.

Valerie (Sarnelle)–and yes, there is actually a Valerie (unlike Samantha Thavasa, New York which has all the authenticity of a bowl of chow mein at a mall food court.) Her last name is Sarnelle and, of course, she’s a make up artist in Southern California.

Valerie Hocus Pocus in Charmed

As for products, their concealer–Secret Weapon –puts Trish’s to shame (Allure award or no) and her foundation range is truly a mainstay with colour options thrown in for good measure especially if your base tone is not true porcelain.

Her website even offers a map for those of us less artistically inclined (read this: paint by number….I just wish they’d stencil my face…..) See insert.

Their lip pencils are soft enough to be workable without dissolving on impact leaving you with that ‘just ate chocolate and stuff is in the corners of my mouth allure.’ Their shadows do tend to have a great deal of shine and shimmer (LA, Baby), but can be toned down for a solid highlighting option.

The free standing boutique in Beverly Hills is on North Canon Drive — 310-274-7348.

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