VBH Earrings

VBH earrings

VBH=Very Big Hustle. Not that I don’t dig having $35,000 locked in by AMEX as Reserve just in case I can’t live without what appear to be spiraling fishbones. VBH takes great pains at setting black diamonds on the backs of each set of earrings. I can live without that kind of scrutiny. Anyone looking that closely had better be paying my credit card statement. These were sent on ‘approval’ to me. That’s always a comfort when my card is declined at 7/11 for a cherry Slurpee and a bag of Doritos. I find it vaguely disquieting to think that I look like I would choose these spiny baubles if left to my own devices.

Speaking of Devices, exactly WHAT ARE THESE THINGS anyway and why are they over three inches long? On the bright side, the backs are diamond encrusted. Dial my 800 number to hear more, Lover.

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