VBH tattoo belt

the vbh tattoo belt is a great greyish black color….and, you know the scenario–you’re in the hotel room at the end of the day and you want to pop open that small bottle of diet Sprite, or Gorillas-in-the-Mist, well, whatever 7-up clone the chain has sworn allegience to (you know the generous portioned variety that are distributed in mini bars for $12.00 each)….and…..no bottle opener in sight. Sure, you can twist yourself into a frenzy and have enough scars on your palms to get an FBI profile. Well, V. Bruce has thought of it all. Ta Da–the Tattoo belt. Opens bottles, can be winged like a boom-a-rang from your bed to nail assailants with the skill of a Ninja warrior. Yep, looks pretty hip with it’s versatile croc/leather strap options.

Surprised Ron Popeil didn’t think of this one, it is however, $1200. But, very handy.

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