VBH yellow diamond tattoo earrings

VBH yellow diamond earrings

Now my personal Thrill of the week–I just received a VERY interesting pair of yellow diamond (somewhat less nuclear than the first) earrings set in black gold. $11.9K for the cost of the ride (wheee), but that said, quite novel in their design. According to VBH, these little treasures can indeed be customised in pink sapphire, white diamond, or virtually whatever else your heart desires. It’s rather refreshing to have a designer willing to actually produce a custom piece without the usual whining and stall (I’m still waiting for my white gold Loree Rodkin earrings to return properly plated with the rhodium finish they neglected to apply initially when they delivered them to me-we are at a month and counting).

closeup of the VBH yellow diamond earrings

Beautifully crafted, yellow is not my colour, but it could be yours. Stay tuned. Word is that Mr. Hoeksema is contemplating expansion of his jewelry line to include watches. I’m in the queue already. Thanks, Bruce.

PS. Happy Birthday Chuckie—your birthday was January 21–Hope Jay helped you do it in Style. LOVE YOU.

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