Vilebrequin Trunk Envy

Vilebrequin storefront on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

Vilebrequin. C’mon…would it kill these guys to fashion some of their adorable signature prints into ladies tops at the very least? I guess YYC suffers from some form of Trunk envy.

Vilebrequin kangaroo print trunks in turquoise
Photo credit: [The red and white kangaroos are sold out.- Admin]

I dig the red and white Kangaroo print (Just dying to root through the pouch in the sand…buried treasure)—the Kirschmeister grooves to the sea turtle pastel mix from seasons past. Even (Get this Swim Fans) available at Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall (Sunrise, Florida — Sunrise and Flamingo road—-‘OLA.) Backstroke of luck. Buy a few. You never know when GQ will be hunting for their next cover. Adore their line of boy’s shirts and those fantastic beach towels. Cross dressing?

This Hawaiin print with Hibiscus is featured at the Vilebrequin on Worth Ave., Palm Beach

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