Vuitton – L’ame du voyage 2010 luggage catalog

Louis Vuitton ad

Okay, well, YYC…..having actually traveled throughout East Africa with our maximum 40 lb allowance of luggage PER PERSON —we can’t quite fathom the pilot’s ‘welcome aboard’ as you arrive with a score of hard sided cases (which even empty weigh in at about seven times the weight limit).

Vuitton luggage ad campaign Africa

As we flew from camp to camp the planes got smaller and smaller. Picture a Yugo with wings and two propellers. (No,
don’t — Abercrombie and Kent beg you) — but, so what — I mean, even if your plane can’t get lift due to your score of LV treasures—you’ll look really spiffy on the dirt runway in the middle of the Masai Mara.
Undoubtedly, the wildebeest and Masai will be duly impressed.

Remember to wear your John Lobb shoes, Charvet shirt (400 shades of white, monsieur) WITH French Cuffs, and Dior Homme Suit. The Natives really dig that on Safari, too.

Bon Voyage et Bon Chance.

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