Wasabi Popcorn

Wasabi Popcorn

Konnichiwa!! Popcorn Indiana presents—– ‘WASABI” POPCORN.
5.1 ounces that pack a Punch.
Okay, this is not a starter bag ‘o’ corn, folks–I scooped up a fistful trusting that it wasn’t REALLY ‘THAT’ hot.
Bring in the boys from the Fire Brigade (and I personally want the ones that are featured topless on the calendars….just a thought).

Wasabi Popcorn snack

Think of this treat as scooping up the accoutrement of your sushi meal (you know, that green paste that’s next to your California Roll) and eating it whole.

Of course, they do offer more conventional flavours: white cheddar, cinnamon sugar (ummmm), and the ubiquitous sea salt varieties.
I’ll let you know if they make Uni. Or natto. And you can try it first.
Three second gasp.



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