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You pick

It’s that time again (no, despite what the supermarkets would have you think….I’m not referring to Halloween—but feel free to buy those Crunch Bars….)

YYC has to buy new business cards. Not that we wouldn’t prefer to use a picture from 1996, but, in the spirit of fair play, we’re updating the photo (drat).

This is your chance–Wally and Dan8855–(Bless you) that means you get to vote.

We’re affixing a shot of our past Meishi (Business card, Nippon speak) and the two prospective shots. Speaking of shots…where’s the tequila when I need it.

Thanks for your help. (Trick or Treat)

yumyum's business card photo choice 1YYC business card photo Choice 1

YYC business card photo choice 2YYC business card photo Choice 2

Mockup of yumyum's old meishiMockup of yumyum’s old meishi

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7 Responses to “You pick”

  1. WallyLuvsIt Says:

    I want all of them. Can I get posters. Wally

  2. Dan8855 Says:

    I’ll take either or all. I do think the first one is so ladylike and sofisticated. Marry me. Dan8855

  3. KeikoK Says:

    Sakurasan–I like the first picture, it is refreshed and lovely. The second is youthful and unposed. I enjoy the long hair display. Perhaps I would choose for the first picture. Keiko Nakamura

  4. Ronnie Says:

    I’d like to use whichever picture you don’t and i’ll pretend its me. thanks

  5. GayleY Says:

    finally i get to vote and my ballot won’t be tossed into the atlantic ocean. how refreshing. i like the card that you already have. i think the picture is approachable and not flashy like youre a realtor. sign me, florida residnt

  6. Fashion Insomniac Says:

    I like No. 2. It’s fresh.

  7. Dwayne Says:

    I just saw your listing. I’m still laughing about the South Africa advertisement.

    But, now that I’m reading all of your old posts to catch up with your site, I think I like the second shot. It’s more approachable.

    I don’t generally think a business card should have a photograph on it—-technically, for me, it’s not correct, but I understand in the business you maintain it might be more appropriate.

    Anyway, really enjoying your website. and thanks.

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