Sometimes style goes beyond a season or designer. After all, how chic can one be if they act like they were raised in a barn.

This can mean being place appropriate. Wearing wingtips and socks with your swimming trunks is as gauche as wearing high heeled Chanel sandals with socks on Safari (and trust me, I just saw it). Money can’t buy style (….but, hey, it can buy a STYLIST).

We’ll try to update this section with a few of our ‘foreign correspondents’….(and yes, girlfriends, that includes LA which is a nation onto itself—Just ask the ‘Governator.’
Simply said—manners in the US may not convey into the courtesy currency of another country.

Thus–in that never-ending pursuit of making the world AT LEAST a Nicer Place—we offer you a place to Mind Your P’s, Q’s, and YYC’s…..

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