YYC Favorites: Antonia’s Flowers

Antonia's Flowers atomizer from Fred Segal in LA

Antonia’s Flowers–one of those rare fragrances that don’t overwhelm the room as you walk past. Actually, if you’re close enough to enjoy the scent you should by law Marry Me. Ta Da. Okay, YYC loves the white flower-based freshness. The light notes of freesia and the dry scent that lingers meld together to create a subtle femininity unlike my other FAVOURITE SCENT — Pine Sol. Easier to dispense, too.

Available in the itty bitty size at Fred Segal (groove to the Kawaii pink atomizer). Other jugs can be found through SpaceNK and Lazy Susan in Tokyo.

Do stay tuned, Antonia (ever scurrying to pay the rent in the Hamptons) has a new creation: Sogni del Mare. I think I stayed there once in Naples, Italy. I can’t believe a walk down from a pizzeria would lend its name so easily.

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