YYC Favorites: Shout Wipes

Shout wipes -- almost standard issue at the USNA

So maybe this didn’t make the ten top stylist picks for cosmetic enhancement in Allure, it makes Ours at Yumyumcherry. Guess what, It will make yours, too when Uncle Ned splatters your Chloe top with his sixth Bloody Mary en route from Tuscon to Boston. Nothing like writing off a $1260 top after one wear. Is it safe to use on delicate fabric?? Well, it’s a lot SAFER than Mustard. Quick fix time, it puts Club Soda to shame, and it’s portable. And, How do I know about this Miracle of Modern Science? Because, I have a son who just graduated from Annapolis (Love you, Damian) and the Midshipmen—whose WHITES MUST be WHITER than WHITE– are almost given these as Standard Issue. That’s testimonial enough because I saw the “before” pictures for eighteen years. Voila, a Bachelor of Science Degree from the U. S. Naval Academy and he can be a Systems Engineer and moonlight at a Chinese Laundry. Nothing like a man in Uniform–Tune into an Officer and a Gentleman for further details.

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