YYC’s Favorite Leos: Sean Penn

Sean Penn –Which developing nation that we are currently at WAR with is hosting Sean as I type? Never politically correct–you have to admire a man who still believes in something other than his press kit. We applaud his individuality and desire to improve something other than his abs and bank balance.

Which brings us to:


Yeah, it’s kinda hard for me to even envision these kids in a clinch. Born the day before – August 16–Madonna has iconoclastically managed to ride her career through such stinkers as ‘Shanghai Surprise’….(Thanks, Sean) Ah well, it happens. Married to Guy Ritchie, it seems that Ms. Madonna has indeed continued to reinvent herself on a scale that even Cher would envy. Happy Birthday (assuming that Kabbala-ists do that sort of thing……)

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